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4 Benefits of Living in a Homeowner’s Association Neighborhood

When we hear of homeowner’s associations, it’s often from a negative perspective. There are countless stories of HOAs being governed with an iron fist by unreasonable people who’re critical of every minor detail. However, those cases are usually the exception to the rule. In fact, most HOAs are successful at keeping neighborhoods clean and safe, in addition to creating a sense of community among the people living in them.

Here are a few benefits of living in an HOA neighborhood.

1. Improved Security within the Community

Many communities use a portion of their HOA fees for security purposes. It’s not uncommon or HOA communities to provide video surveillance and security patrols. Moreover, residents living in HOA areas tend to be more active in the community, which often leads to more organized neighborhood watch programs.

2. Better Managed Grounds and Facilities

The main function that HOAs serve is to protect the property value in the community by ensuring that all houses and facilities are properly cared for. For this reason, a portion of your monthly HOA fees is used for maintenance and upkeep services, such as landscaping, cleaning, and boosting curb appeal. One way to determine whether an HOA community is being managed well is to look at the condition of the grounds. Things such as working lights, cleared sidewalks and manicured lawns are all good indicators of an effective HOA.

3. Additional Perks and Amenities

More often than not, HOA communities provide amenities that aren’t always found in other neighborhoods. Amenities such as parks, playgrounds, community centers, and fitness areas are all common features of HOA neighborhoods. Most HOA neighborhoods also host various community-wide events throughout the year, usually based on specific holiday themes.

4. Less Outdoor Maintenance

Many HOAs take care of outdoor work like trash collection and yardwork, leaving less work for homeowners to do. Some HOAs are also responsible for the outdoor maintenance of the house, and will pay for things like painting the exterior and fixing the light fixtures.

Thinking of Moving into an HOA Neighborhood?

While HOAs aren’t for everyone, many residents appreciate how homeowner’s association rules help keep neighborhoods clean and orderly. If you are thinking of moving into an HOA community, it’s essential to understand the rules and regulations before buying your home.

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