Fun Fourth of July Activities for the Whole Family

Fourth of July is a great time to spend with your family, because it’s in the middle of summer so the kids are out of school and many companies give employees the day off so adults can join in too. Fireworks and parades are always a great way to spend the day, but there are some fun activities you can do to prepare for a fun day or extend the excitement past the parade and fireworks.

Active fun

Go on a family bike ride! Try out a new route, or stick to an old favorite. You can even decorate the bikes with some special Fourth of July streamers.

Maybe this is the year you don’t just watch the parade, but you participate! It may not be too late to get involved in your local parade with one of your family member’s activities through church, work or school. Check to see if you can participate, rather than sitting on the sidelines this year.

Arts and crafts

Decorate some plain white, red or blue baseball caps you can buy at the crafts store. Use fabric paint or iron-on accessories to make a fun, patriotic, home-made hat the kids can use to shelter themselves from the sun during the parade.

Create a fun fruit salad that is healthy and themed with red and blue berries for the holiday! You can even add in some whipped cream to create the full “red, white and blue” theme!


Decorate some Fourth of July cookies in red, white and blue icing or with star shaped sprinkles! You can even make the cookies in shapes like flats, hats, stars or even eagles!

Pack a picnic! You can choose a theme, or let one of the kids pick it. Bring it to the park, beach or even the parade route, so you can stake out a great spot early for the parade and/or fireworks.

Learn about the history

Teach your children about the Declaration of Independence, what it means and what it says. It may even be a great refresher for you!

Watch a movie or TV show like National Treasure or Liberty’s Kids, which are both about U.S. history and can be a fun way to start a conversation with your family about the country’s history.

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