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How You Can Squeeze in a Workout on Your Lunch Break

Have you always wanted to be someone who got in all your planned workouts, but are busy after work and tired or rushed in the mornings? It can be so hard to fit in everything — work, school, kids, family, friends, volunteering, fitness, whatever you have going on. There is another way to get in those workouts…try a lunch break session!

It may seem challenging, especially with a limited timeframe and the need to head back to work for afternoon meetings, but it can be done! You can hit the gym, if there’s one nearby, or you can get in a workout inside or outside the office. Especially when your job is sedentary, making sure to get some exercise can be important to your overall health and well being. Maybe you’ll even convince coworkers to start exercising with you or your employer can support these goals by putting together a fitness room on site!

Here are a few tips if lunchtime workouts are on your list of goals:

Pack a healthy lunch, one you can eat quickly or on-the-go during your break around your workout. Even though you have another priority, making sure to eat is still important. It will give you energy to get through the rest of the day without having to grab something from the vending machine.

Do a HIIT workout. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to get a lot out of a little bit of time. You can follow Perkins’ 2-minute rule, go hard for two minutes then lighten up for two minutes.

Bring dry shampoo and body wipes for quick cleanup. This will reduce the amount of time you need to get ready for the next part of your day (no shower!).

Workout around the office. Go on a jog, run or walk around your office. Bring dumbbells, resistance bands or kettlebells and take up an unused section of the parking lot. Stretch or do yoga in an unoccupied office or conference room. And invite others to join you! This reduces the commute time to a gym, and is more fun with friends!

Not sure where to start? WebMD has a lunch hour workout, including tips for fueling, getting back into the work mindset and in office moves that don’t break too much of a sweat while still giving you a good workout. Here are some of their recommendations:

  • Chair squats
  • Leg stretches
  • Wall push-ups
  • Chest stretches
  • Knee bends

Head on over to WebMD see how these moves are done!

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