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Last-minute Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means—chocolate, candy, and spooky decorations!

October represents more than just Halloween. It signals the beginning of the holiday season, where people come together to decorate their homes and neighborhoods to reflect three main holidays: Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally, Christmas.

Are you interested in taking part in Halloween festivities this year but are completely out of ideas? Here are a few low-effort decoration ideas to spookify your house this Halloween. Click on the link of each idea to see pictures and get detailed instructions.

1. Pumpkin Candy Holder

Not going to be around to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this year? Try something different than the usual candy bucket.

All you need is one of those plastic or wooden half-pumpkins sold at your local arts and crafts store, a small chalkboard, and the following basic tools:

  • A paintbrush
  • Black and white paint
  • A wood burning tool
  • Hammer and ½” nails

Nail the pumpkin to the chalkboard, use the wood burning tool (or saw capable of precise cuts) to cut out the mouth, then paint a pair of eyes on the face of the pumpkin. Stuff candy in the pumpkin’s mouth and prop it up against the door. Voila!

Now you have a festive Halloween candy dispenser.

2. Spooky Halloween Bottles

If you’ve got some empty wine bottles laying around, turn them into Halloween-themed decorations which can be used as standalone props or candle holders.

For this last-minute idea, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Empty bottles with the labels off
  • Cans of spray paint in your preferred colors
  • Construction paper and tape/glue for making stencils
  • Scalpel or scissors

To begin, draw stencils on construction paper of designs you want to decorate with. This can be anything from spiders to faces of ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. Using your scalpel or scissors, cut out the stencils and stick them on your bottle. Finally, spray the paint onto the bottles. Let dry, then remove the stencils.

If you want to add more details, grab a paintbrush and some acrylic paint and paint designs on your bottle. Just be sure to let the spray paint dry beforehand!

3. Ghoulish Tea Lights

All you need for this decoration is some flameless LED candles and white sculpting clay.

Simply break off chunks of clay and flatten them into small sheets. With a toothpick or similar object, cut out eyes at in the center of the sheet and mold it around the top of the tealight. The end result is tiny glowing ghosts that look great for any Halloween-themed party.


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