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Show Dad Your Gratitude This Father’s Day

Every June, we show our dads just how much we love and appreciate all they do. This isn’t just a U.S. holiday – it happens in countries all over the world. Some places give gifts and others host community programs and events. But the theme is the same everywhere you may go: thanks, dad, for all you do.

Dads do a lot for us: from teaching us to throw (or kick) a ball to teaching us to change the toilet flapper, and everything in between. Those early days all the way through parenthood and home ownership, your dad can be there to reassure, celebrate and support each step of your life. And “dad” doesn’t necessarily mean your biological father – it can be anyone who was a father figure to you at some point throughout your life.

If you want to celebrate dad this year for Father’s Day, here are a few ideas to help you show him your love and thanks:

Write a letter: Maybe you have kids of your own now and you realize just how hard your father worked when you were growing up. He worked full time, maybe travelling for work from time to time. He came to your school plays, sports events and scouting activities. Write him a letter recognizing all he’s done for you, throughout childhood to being a grandpa to your kids today.

Make a meal: If he’s local, invite your dad over and make him a nice meal. Let him just enjoy spending time with the family, playing with your kids and relaxing while you do the cooking and cleaning. He’ll feel special knowing you went to all this effort just for him.

Take a tech-free day: If your dad is coming over, or you’re all going out, convince your siblings, kids and everyone in attendance to put their phones or tablets down and just spend time together. You’re getting older, and so is your dad. So be sure to spend quality time together and enjoy every minute of it.

Watch his favorite movie: Watch it together, or separately if he’s not nearby. It can give you something new to talk about the next time you chat, and may even give you a little more insight into who your dad is.

If your dad is no longer with you or is no longer a part of your life, share some happy memories of him with your friends and family. Talking about him may feel good. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. Celebrate Father’s Day however feels right to you, even if that’s not at all.

Sometimes holidays such as this are hard for people, so be sure to keep that in mind as you celebrate Father’s Day with your loved ones.

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