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This is Where You Should Move to Based on Your Personality

Love the smell of the open outdoors? Crave the city lights and the hustle and bustle? Do you love to be out on the open water? Here are some personality traits that can determine if you are meant for the fast paced city life, the quiet country life or the laid back beach life.

The City Life:
For people who like options and variety then the city life is perfect for you. With plenty of restaurants and entertainment right in your neighborhood…there is always plenty to see and do. Someone who is always on the go and does not like to stay inside, a city could bring you to life. These people usually love adventure and do not go by day to day plans.

The Country Life:
Love peaceful moments and tranquility? The country life is perfect for someone who just wants to be surrounded by the simple things. Someone who loves and entertain and cook at their home would fit right into this lifestyle. Entertaining small intimate group settings as well as planning before a big decision needs to be made.

The Beach Life:
For the laid back type this is the place you need to live. If you love to stay active, be outdoors and have a sense of adventure then the beach is the perfect place to be. The beach is for or someone who needs a stress free environment or loves to be out on the water. If you like to take life at a leisurely pace and go with the flow…then you need to be where the ocean meets the sand.

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