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Top Ways Millennials Can Invest in Real Estate

Real Estate is trending and now more millennials are looking to cash into the market. Our society is seeing more people wanting to return on their investments and they are looking into the real estate market to make that happen. Looking to get some of that green? Here are the top ways to invest in property ownership.

1. Own a Home Instead of Renting :
There is that saying when you rent a property it is almost like throwing your money out the window. Though the risk is small…this can be true. High rents can make it difficult for millennials to make their payments but mortgage companies make it easier by installing programs so you will not need to front a lot of the cash.

2. Buy Mutual Funds Based on Property :
By working with a registered investment advisor, millennials are able to purchase real estate funds. REIT has been known to have good returns when you are able to find the right deal. In 2014, REIT index fund had a 27.4 percent return.

3. Find a Good Cash Deal Through Bank Owned Properties :
This option may have the most risk when you own a property for the cash upfront but this can also see a quick return. Coming up with an exit strategy for the property is vital to minimize the liability. Millennials will need to consider the cash flow of that property and how it is going to be managed.

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