What is Keller Mortgage?

If you’re thinking about buying a home or selling a home, Keller Mortgage is worth a look and probably a little bit more… The company was designed to add even more value to the customers of Keller Williams agents.

1. What is it?

Keller Mortgage is the mortgage ‘arm’ of Keller Williams. Consumers benefit most by saving thousands with the ZeroPlus Loan. They eliminate traditional costs and pass the savings directly to the consumer, at the same low rate!

Traditional lenders pay real estate agents and real estate companies through “Marketing Agreements”, “Joint Ventures” or “Lead Purchase Programs”. We don’t, because KW agents benefit most when the consumer saves.

Traditional lenders charge more to cover the costs of local offices and expensive advertising and marketing campaigns. By eliminating those costs, we maximize consumer’s savings, on each transaction.

We do more loans than traditional lenders so consumers get a better deal!

2. Should I still get other quotes from other lenders?

ABSOLUTELY! We want our customers to save money ALWAYS. Look at the origination fees, processing fees etc, those are all factored into a loan. If you’re looking for the more traditional customer service route from your lender, a local loan officer will be your best choice.

3. How do I get it?

This program is ONLY available to Keller Williams teams and agents, and currently it is only available to a few of the top teams.  Contact one of the agents on our team, and we can get you the link for the pre-approval or just some more basic information.

4. Does this benefit me as a seller?

If WE ARE listing your home, the buyer (regardless of their agent’s brokerage affiliation) also has access to this program. This can be useful in negotiations. Usually the buyer is looking at their cash due at closing number and it can be directly or indirectly tied to the purchase price negotiations.


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