TEG Members like to win for the team, their own lives and their customers. Whether it’s agent partners, ISAs or Operations team mates, winning is formed habit built by mindset and activity.


Our onboarding process enters candidates as Junior Partners, the 30-60-90 program is meant to test GRIT, passion, consistency and culture.

Limited Partnerships

We limit our team sizes in order to have the best of the best and maintain strong camaraderie amongst our team members.

Massive Leverage

As a real estate agent there are many hats to wear. Our team is built upon the idea that specialization creates more opportunity for agents by allowing the to focus on their ONE THING. Most of our successful and tenured agent partners come from corporate backgrounds, understand leverage, and are self accountable.

Join our growth

We limit our team sizes to 10 per market. Contact a market Location Leader to see how many roster spots are available or upcoming.