Need to sell a home in a hurry, or have to many repairs to make?

In partnership with Terrain Homes, we are able to get sellers cash offers on their properties.

There are No Commissions or Closing Costs, and the seller chooses the closing date.

Whats the process?

Our agent comes out to view your property, takes a LOT of photos, submits them to Terrain Homes, and they come up with a cash offer after their renovation team evaluates.

How is this different from other iBuyers?

Other iBuyers make an offer sight unseen, THEN they come and take a look at the property. This allows them to already have your property tied up in a contract and then re-negotiate the price. They are able to buy homes at a larger discount because the seller already has time invested, and they feel that the contract is ultimately binding regardless of renegotiations.

Why Terrain Homes + TEG?

Our value proposition is simple. The Edge Group agent benefits on the back end, not the front end so they’re happy either way. We are also very much about transparency with our offers and pricing which means, not only will you get a cash offer, but our TEG agent will give you an as-is MLS price if hitting the market works with your timeframe. Terrain Home buys around 5-10 properties per month and you’re dealing with someone local, not someone in a cubicle in New York.

Where + What do you buy?

Currently we purchase property in Jacksonville and Tampa. Ft Lauderdale and Orlando are coming soon as we build out or processes in those cities. This program is generally used by sellers who have properties in need of renovation OR have very tight timelines that cannot wait on financing contingencies or inspection periods with a traditional buyer.

How do I get started?

Contact your TEG Agent and tell them you’d like to get a cash offer from Terrain Homes, they’ll take it from there.